Kenya Police Commissioner Matthew Al Shabaab planning attacks

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Kenya (Nogobnews) 07/04/2012 Al Shabaab militants are planning attacks during the Easter festivities, Police Commissioner Matthew Iteere has said.


“We have received an alert that the Al Shabaab are planning an attack during Easter,” Iteere said during a press conference at Vigilance House in Nairobi Friday.

He said the police have intensified patrols all over the country, but urged security agencies manning public transport, hotels, businesses and crowded places to step up their security measures.

“We urge the public to be vigilant and immediately inform officers of any suspicious characters,” Iteere said, adding that anybody can be a sympathiser of the terror outfit.

He said the threat to the security of the country from Al Shabaab attacks has been there since Kenya went to war against the outfit in Somalia last year.

“As a country there are sacrifices to be made. Attacks are expected to continue, but we will ensure Kenyans are safe,” Iteere said.

The Police Commissioner at the same time said he had ordered the General Service Unit to investigate an incident in which some officers from the unit were filmed torturing a Turkana boy.

Iteere said the incident occurred at a GSU camp in 2009 after the officers arrested the victims after a shootout with cattle rustlers.

He said the GSU have already identified those involved and would charge them in court, adding that one of the officers was sacked in 2009 for misconduct.

Attention of police

“I have ordered the CID to take up the case and report to me in the next seven days,” Iteere said. He said the incident was an embarrassment to the Government.

He said the police were not aware of the incident until it was aired on a local television station on Thursday evening.

“This information had never been brought to the attention of the police,” he said. He, however, said the officer who had taken the incident on his mobile phone should have immediately reported the matter to the police.

Source: Standard

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