Economic Integration Crucial to Improve Livelihoods in Horn Africa: PM

18 Aug 2017 by -

Economic Integration Crucial to Improve Livelihoods in Horn Africa: PM

Establishing economic integration among countries in the Horn of Africa has to be realized to improve the livelihood of the people, Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn said.

 While briefing diplomats and representatives of international organizations and Ethiopian community in Khartoum, Sudan on Thursday, the Premier said economic integration is important to enhance the livelihoods of people.


Despite economic growth has been witnessed by the countries in the region, a lot has to be done to enhance development that would change the lives of the people, Hailemariam noted.

Noting that the geopolitical location of the region is more exposed to illicit cross border activities and forces that are after their own interest, Hailemariam urged the need for close collaboration among countries.

Human trafficking, contraband trade, terrorism, piracy, political crisis and instability orchestrated by various forces that are after their own interests are mentioned among challenges of the region.

Because of these challenges the people in the Horn of Africa are still struggling with drought and hunger, he underlined.

The Premier underlined the need for close cooperation, and establishing political and economic integration as well to change the situation.

Collaboration among countries is crucial to exchange best practices, ensure stability, establish cross-border infrastructure networks, build strong human and technological capacity and mitigate impacts of climate change, he added.

He mentioned the ongoing efforts to enhance cooperation and establish economic integration between Ethiopia and Sudan as an example in this regard.


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