Palestinian pilgrims: King Salman’s generosity eased our sufferings

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Palestinian pilgrims: King Salman’s generosity eased our sufferings

MINA: Mohammed and his wife, Palestinian pilgrims, said the generosity of King Salman has eased many of their sufferings. “We know the generous deeds of the king, not only with the Palestinians, but with all Arab and Islamic peoples,” they said.
“I have been patient for so long, and at last, I found myself among the pilgrims and, even, I could not believe it when I heard that I was selected in the king’s Hajj and Umrah program,” he said.

He said he wished his whole family could have come with him but the Zionist aggression killed his three sons.
His wife Khalidiyah recalled the painful memories of losing her sons as a result of Israel bombing her city. She said she still felt the wounds of losing them, but her sole relief was that they were martyred on the path of Allah in defense of the rights of the usurped Palestine.
They said they have felt blessed since their reception at the Hajj Terminal Complex at King Abdul Aziz International Airport in Jeddah and when they arrived in Makkah, which reflects the generosity offered by the Saudis in how they deal with pilgrims.

source AFP

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